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In the premiere of Wise Content Creates Wealth host Joseph McElroy introduces both himself and his guest, Jerry Ashton, co-founder of the non-profit RIP Medical Debt. Joseph explains “Wise Content”, a term that he coined that means a piece of content or content process that launches careers, builds financial wealth, and much more. Joseph goes into examples of Wise Content, including the film Reefer Madness being repurposed by New Line Cinema, and the use of Twitter to make a mother’s day promotion for a website go viral. Jerry goes into his history relating to Wise Content.


Jerry explains the benefit of failing forward, that it’s necessary to gain experience and wisdom in one’s field. Jerry also begins to explain his non-profit charity RIP Medical Debt, and how similar to how New Line Cinema repurposed Reefer Madness, Jerry adapted the ideals from Occupy Wallstreet to create RIP Medical Debt. Jerry explains how he believes that you should grow where you are planted and that you can use where you are now to benefit you in business. How because of his prior experience in debt collecting, he was able to create a successful debt forgiveness organization.


Joseph and Jerry discuss the seeds that grow into viral opportunities that are Wise Content. Jerry explains the process of writing his book, and how because it was a mix of both content and cause, the book was able to successfully create a piece of Wise Content that spread the education on the topic. The two also explain the necessity of touching upon emotional connection with the intended audience for the content, as well as having the message of your content being important to the audience to be successful Wise Content.


Jerry explains a viral event that occurred on the John Oliver Show, and how that led to the dramatic growth of RIP Medical Debt, and the aftermath following the growth. Jerry then explains his process of spreading the message of RIP Medical Debt through finding and contacting people who have made a social impact by changing their minds on Medical Debt to interview them, to help spread the message behind RIP Medical Debt and reach more people who would need convincing on the subject. Joseph discusses his company, as well as explains his techniques behind creating Wise Content.