Joseph explains the new resources that Google are offering now to help with video SEO, the topic of today’s episode. Within the resources, Google explains the four things that they take into account when ranking videos through SEO, with a new focus on structural data, the metadata behind a piece of video content. Joseph introduces the guest of today’s episode, Brennan White, the CEO and Co-Founder of Cortex. Brennan explains his journey to where he is today at Cortex, about how he is a creative person, and how he originally was a music composition major, and how he then started working at tech startups, where he realized that most people didn’t realize how to probably make use of social media for digital marketing. He realized that he could have created better content for lower price than his superiors at the tech startups, so he did and went on to start his own business. The two discuss Brennan’s pivot to making use of AI in creating content, as a way to create a higher quantity of high quality content. Cortex makes use of machine learning to get a better understanding of what one’s audience wants, including niche creative details.


Joseph and Brannen discuss how branding content has changed over the past decade, specifically through the need of exponentially increasing quantity of content, for every new avenue of technology and social media that is created. Brannen discusses how several brands have made use of online and online video content, and gained an entire audience that other larger brands were not reaching, allowing them to thrive and succeed compared to other more well known large brands. Brennan explains how many companies in the present day are trying to succeed in the branding environment of the new day, and how many new brands are thriving where older brands are struggling to make the leap to digital marketing and branding. The two discuss what sets the brands who are succeeding with their online branding from the rest of the brands who are not quite as successful. Brennan specifically discusses how these successful brands respect their audience, and have a good grasp on what their audience wants and what they want to see. Joseph and Brennan discuss AB testing, and how it is still an industry standard, even though it is not the most efficient strategy in online branding.


The two discuss the process of creating visual content, and how if after one already invests in visual content without having data on what one’s audience wants, all the time, money and effort went into creating that visual content has gone to waste. This visual data, the kind that Cortex specializes in, is vital when deciding what kind of visual content your company wants to invest in for branding. Joseph and Brannen also discuss how many people are now treating visual content through the same perspective of AB testing, which like AB testing disrespects the audience, as it bombs the consumer with a large amount of repetitive content. Brennan brings up the importance of personalizing content based on what one learns that the audience already wants, not what they want after viewing a multitude of versions of the same content. The two also discuss what kinds of content are found to be the most successful among audiences, and Brennan discusses how this is affected by how easily it is to change aspects of certain types of content. The two also discuss how cookies are being phased out, and what this says for the future of digital marketing and branding.


Joseph and Brennan discuss how in 2020 Cortex sponsored a study in ROI, which provided unexpected takeaways. One of these takeaways is that 76% of CMOS are already using or planning to use AI in marketing for their business, with an average of eleven separate projects related to AI being implemented. The two also discuss a speech Brennan had made on how SEO and content creation teams should work together to make the content, as visual content and SEO are sisters to each other and go hand in hand. Brennan discusses Cortex, its current state and its future ventures.