Joseph introduces his tool of the week, that is a voice assistant for meetings, that transcribes and records the online calls that one takes, such as over zoom. Joseph explains that he uses the program for his webinars and for the podcast, and he uses the content recorded by the program to create new content to advertise and promote the webinars and podcasts. Joseph introduces his guest for this week, Erin Miller the COO of Galileo Tech Media. Erin discusses her journey through her career to get to where she is today as a chief operating officer. She explains how she worked at a nonprofit out of college, and that’s when she realized she loved managing efficiency, which is what her career encapsulates currently, optimizing efficiency. Erin discusses her journey through moving from South Carolina to Washington D.C. and how her experience there has been an asset to her, but she needed a more flexible lifestyle for her career, which is why she returned to the south and found Galileo Tech Media.


Erin discusses her time working at Ziplist, in which she was responsible for the onboarding process there, deciding what needed to be done internally and outsourced externally. The two discuss the skills that Erin learned and polished there, and how building a relationship of trust between Ziplist and the food bloggers they worked with was the most important aspect of the job. Erin explains the techniques she used to be able to build relationships with them over 900 food bloggers that Ziplist worked with, by being attentive while listening to the concerns the creators had was vital in creating these relationships. Joseph and Erin discuss how best to make use of the limited data she had access to at Ziplist to best cater to what the food bloggers wanted out of Ziplist. After working with Ziplist, Erin continued to work with the same parent company, and her work quickly became influencer marketing compared to what it was previously.


Joseph and Erin discuss how to maintain one-to-one relationships with clients and the audience while operating brands with a large online presence and outreach. In Erin’s experience, food bloggers are a tight-knit community, which helped them reach out to the influencers to see who would be interested in certain programs and products. Joseph discusses the necessity of having good data on the audience, as well as the influencers and brands to best decide who would be the best fit for certain projects. The two discuss freelancers, and how relationships between them and the clients, can exponentially improve the quality of the content created if that relationship between the two is a good relationship. Erin also brings up the point that if a brand is very clear on who their audience is and what their goals are, they will be a great leader for content creators, allowing the creators to create more high-quality content that fits the exact ideas that the brand wants. Joseph and Erin discuss Erin’s time at Galileo Tech Media, and how she worked with Marriott and helped increase the scale of the content provided to Marriott, furthering the trust between Marriot and Galileo Tech Media.


Joseph and Erin discuss the process that Erin created that allowed Galileo Tech Media to create around 4,000 pieces of content a month. By creating a pipeline, with having a team for each section of the creation of a piece of content, more content was able to be created quickly. She explains that predictability is key in creating a large-scale amount of content for clients, but through the process, she created the teams were able to keep up with large amounts of content that needed to be created. The two discuss the various aspects of the culture at Galileo Tech Media, specifically how the business knows how to be family-friendly to their employees, as well as other priorities that employees have. Joseph and Erin also discuss the importance of being clear with consultants and explain when the high volume and low volume times are, so the consultants can best sort their priorities. They also discuss how instead of paying them hourly, they pay them by volume, such as by the keyword to insensitize the consultants in their work.