Joseph introduces the topic of today’s episode, Artificial Intelligence, and that has recently been affecting digital marketing exponentially. Joseph explains the different areas in marketing where Artificial Intelligence, and how it is helping marketers create content that best suits their purpose, allowing them to spend more time creating the actual content rather than researching to create the content. Joseph introduces his guest for today’s episode, Matteo Cassese, a digital market and entrepreneur who works in marketing across several industries. Matteo explains his journey of working with the web to where he is currently in digital marketing. He discusses how he was able to work with the internet ever since he was fourteen years old, and has been working with coding and web page creation since he was a young adult. Joseph and Matteo discuss how Matteo started working for Warner Bros. and what he did while working there, and how he started off as a production assistant working with screenplays, and then he worked towards continuing with digital marketing.

Matteo discusses how he likes being able to post his own content on his own website, which leads him to find WordLift, which is a plugin for WordPress websites. He explains how for a long time he was a customer of WordLift, until recently as he is now collaborating with WordLift. The two discuss Matteo’s work across mediums, through both text-based content and audio-based content, such as podcasts. Matteo explains what WordLift is, that it looks inside the content of your site, determines the meaning of the content, and helps you link the specifics of your content to a knowledge graph that Google uses to rank your website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Joseph and Matteo discuss the audience for WordLift, and who uses the plugin the most, with digital marketers being the largest users of WordLift.

Joseph and Matteo discuss e-commerce on websites through using WordLift, which works with Google to list your e-commerce site on the “products” section on Google. Matteo explains how e-commerce works with WordLift, and how they plan on expanding the platforms that it will work on in the future, along with the VIP program they had recently put into place. The two discuss how Matteo connects content with concepts, and that Matteo makes use of Artificial Intelligence, by reading what Artificial Intelligence has to say in regards to content that he has already created. Matteo explains how structured data works through WordLift to reinforce the information found in the content, which allows for websites to be ranked higher in Google. Joseph and Matteo discuss machine IDs, and that it is something that cannot be determined by WordLift and must be done separately. The two also discuss product numbers and product identifiers, and what people can do to best connect product identifiers with Google.

The two discuss WordLift’s marketing approach, as Matteo explains when he first began his collaboration with WordLift, the only focus was on semantics. Matteo explains the role of automation within WordLift, and how often automation is used throughout the process of working with WordLift. Matteo explains where people can find WordLift and suggests that people book a demo before doing anything else with WordLift, to have a hands-on experience with WordLift and have any questions you might have answered in real-time. Matteo also explains how people can find and contact him.