Joseph Mcelroy opens the show with a summary of the show and what will be covered in today’s episode. Joseph then gives the audience an explanation of the Google Question Hub and the opportunities it gives content marketers. Question Hub was used internationally but has made its way to the United States recently, and Joseph gives the app a constructive, positive testimonial. Joseph then introduces the guest, Jeff Coyle, the Co-founder, and chief product officer for marketmuse. Jeff Coyle affirms Joseph’s excitement for Google Question Hub, also expands on the many uses users can use the app for. Joseph gives an anecdote about the app and then segways into Jeff Coyles’ explanation of his company, MarketMuse. He explains MarketMuse will help content creators streamline their priorities when it comes to handling their content on all aspects. Jeff Coyle explains his goal is to help writers grow by not worrying about the minutiae that MarketMuse will help them with. Jeff Coyle tells how the acquisition of his company by TechTarget helped decide who is an expert and should be helping their creators.


Jeff Coyle gave Joseph a brief history of his career and the start of MarketMuse in September of 2015. Jeff Coyle explains the immediate growth of his company and how this growth helped him become a breakthrough in the industry. This breakthrough came with new opportunities for the company and this helped MarketMuse level up to a company with thousands of customers worldwide. Jeff gives a teaser of MarketMuse that will be free launching later on this year. Jeff and Joseph trade insider opinions about the state of content and the ill opinions people may have about the effort it takes to market this content. Jeff Coyle tells the audience to understand who you’re getting information about the industry from, it may make or break your career as a content creator. The ignorant opinion of some of the people claiming to know how to market people’s content frustrates Jeff Coyle as a real expert in the industry. He then goes on to explain the difference between people who know what they are talking about and those who pretend and inevitably end up failing in the industry. Joseph agrees and the two share anecdotes about their career.


Jeff Coyle tells Joseph how he prioritizes what part of the process of marketing he handles first and with more attention for his clients. Jeff then talks about how he finds specific content to optimize amongst great inventory like many businesses needing a solid content marketing strategy. An example of this given by Joseph gives Jeff a great talking point of how to handle this problem directly. Jeff Coyle explains how investing into a specific point of growth may seem easy at first but there are a lot of factors his clients don’t realize and what he does to help his clients in this situation. MarketMuse takes the guessing of content marketing out of the equation and instead gives you actionable plans to build off of. Jeff Coyle gives industry strategies on getting more content out the door for his clients.


Joseph brings up the show and plugs his other podcast but brings it back to Jeff Coyle to speak about Natural Language Generation. He then explains what Natural Language Generation is and how we use it every day on google and other online platforms. Google is a great example of having a powerful language model and how this makes MarketMuse their direct competition, along with Microsoft. Jeff Coyle gives testimony to how well Natural Language Generation works on an everyday basis. Joseph gives his short-term goal of creating content and Jeff tells how that’s possible with MarketMuse knowledge. Joseph and Jeff close out the show with calls to action for MarketMuse products.