Joseph introduces the topic of today’s episode, AI automation and digital marketing, as well as his guest for the episode Eric Vardon, a successful entrepreneur in technology and AI. Eric gives a short history of his career leading up to the present day, as well as his time directing for a youth roller hockey league. The two discuss how Eric was able to grow and expand his agency following the 2008 recession, which focused on the math behind marketing, explaining what their marketing budget should do, and what to expect from their marketing plans. He explains his agency’s goal is to give a business model to marketing and saw great success through this goal. The two discuss Eric’s packaging of his services, and Eric explains that they focus on the different variables to best package his agency’s services, and through this was able to get a holistic view of the consumer. Joseph brings up the point of customizing package services after already starting a campaign with a new client so that after they see success through a predetermined package, they are excited about a customized package. The two discuss trying new things with marketing for clients, and how it is important to balance what is already succeeding with new techniques so that one doesn’t accidentally ruin a relationship with a client through a failed attempt at a new marketing technique. Joseph and Eric discuss how Eric has adjusted his business throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and how realizing that operating under Covid-19 is a possibility post-Covid-19, in the way of running a business virtually.

The two discuss Eric’s inspiration to start his new business, Morphio. He explains how exciting it was to start a business, and how he noticed in his previous business ventures he saw that his employees have become burnt out and under utilized through doing menial and repetitive tasks. This observation inspired him to create AI software to take care of the menial tasks so that he can have his teamwork to the best of their ability, thus Morphio was formed. The two discuss the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aspects of Morphio AI, and how the AI identifies and matches keywords, as well as recognize what changes to a web page impact the organic rank of a web page the most. Eric explains why it’s important for agencies to use predictive analytics, and how its importance lies with budgeting and forecast the opportunities at hand, to provide suggestions to the campaign and budget to create better performance for the campaign. He also brings up the point that by using predictive analytics, you no longer have to manually go through each and every keyword, allowing you to have more time to problem solve for different aspects of a campaign itself rather than the data aspect.

Eric explains that Morphio works to improve content creation through the technical side of marketing and content creation, through auditing tools, rather than the organic side of content. There are three main ways to use their services, the automation side (analysis of ongoing SEO), reporting perspective (SEO competitors page), and budgeting perspective (successful keywords and campaigns). The two discuss the expansion of AI in recent years, and how many people can now go to college or university to focus solely on machine learning and automation. Eric explains society’s opinion towards AI has changed significantly recently, as people no longer are afraid of AI, and many people, including himself, view AI as customer service. The two discuss how the creative components on web pages, such as images and videos, that are performing are becoming easier and easier to be used as a roadmap for an AI perspective. Eric explains that the writing of web pages is very creative-based, and should stay that way, and does not need to be delegated to AI. Joseph agrees with this point, as he believes that storytelling is a human essence, and that machine learning tends to be either not trained enough or too trained, and end up duplicating content in terms of writing. The two discuss zapier, and how each of them makes use of the tool.

Joseph brings up a quote from Eric on a previous podcast he was a guest on, that “the future isn’t about advertising a product, it’s about being smart enough to realize when a customer needs a product before they do”. Eric expands on the quote, and how he looks at that quote from an SEO perspective, and that one can achieve the mindset of the quote through customization of content based on data collected from previous campaigns. Eric compares the feeling of being a customer of something receiving flyers trying to convince them to be a customer to the same situation but digital. He believes that this discontent is even more heightened online, which is why it is important to not continuously run the same content for a marketing campaign. The two also discuss whether or not people will rebel against what AI can do, and Eric says he believes that people will not as long as a line of invasion of privacy is not crossed, and that can be solved through the customer service aspect of AI. Eric discusses new projects he is embarking on, as well as his interest in cryptocurrency and how it might impact marketing.