Podcast Segment


Joseph discusses the history behind utilizing content for marketing, specifically how an American inventor in the 19th century revolutionized marketing,  including assembly instructions on his harvester products, and publishing his own magazine. That, because he marketed through the customer’s viewpoint, rather than the creator’s, that allowed him to create wise content decades before digital marketing was created. Joseph introduces his guest, Chris Boggs, founder of Web Traffic Advisories. Chris explains his background in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how the content behind website links is the core behind SEO. Joseph and Chris discuss how Chris approaches content creation for marketing through an SEO perspective and the importance of accessibility of content.


Joseph and Chris discuss the growth of SEO over the years, and how certain content dominates content rankings through SEO. Chris explains the importance of starting as early as you can to start research and learn the best techniques of benefitting from SEO if you want your content to be successful through the use of SEO. Joseph and Chris discuss pull marketing through SEO, as well as how Chris would define “Wise Content Creates Wealth”, saying that wealth is the most important word in the phrase, that someone must define what wealth is for themselves. Christ explains how Best Buy successfully creates Wise Content, that is both accessible and understandable.


Joseph and Chris discuss the importance of creating a webpage that has value for the users as well as value for SEO, as if too much focus is put on one or the other topic, the webpage would not be as successful if the focus was balanced. They also discuss reviews, and how user created content affects SEO. The two discuss how the most important aspect of content is a user engagement, and that without a large amount of user engagement on a site, the site can not compete against other sites in the modern day. They also discuss the necessity of mobile accessible content, as well as what kinds of content and content strategies that are not successful through the use of SEO.


Joseph and Chris discuss the importance of understanding both your audience and your competitors to understand what kind of content suits your purposes best, and the kinds of tools you can use to learn what your audience wants and what your competitors are doing. Chris explains his practice, and how he helps clients with their advertising campaigns, specifically with SEO and SEO keywords.