Joseph explains what Wise Content is, as well as different examples of how he had used wise content in his professional life. He then introduces the topic for today’s episode, reporting for search engine optimization (SEO) success. He explains how many marketers in the modern day aren’t making use of the data and marketing analytics that come from their marketing campaigns. That this data is incredibly important and can help someone better understand what parts of their marketing campaign are working and what is not. Joseph goes in-depth on why it is necessary for a digital marketing team to make use of marketing analytics and SEO data to make one’s digital marketing as efficient and effective as possible, bringing up examples from clients he has worked with. Joseph brings up the different benefits of making use of marketing data and analytics, specifically the detailed information that allows someone to know exactly who their audience is and what that audience is looking for.


Joseph discusses how recently he has been making changes to posts online for his company, and through the software Brightedge, he is able to see page visits, rankings, and interactions online. And, through this software, he will be able to see if any of the changes he made to the site or posts on the site had an impact on the number of visits or interactions people have had with the site. Joseph advises people who run smaller websites to request Google to reindex your site after you did something big to your site, as your page can rise up in the ranking in the search results. Joseph also discusses how for many sites when you are creating them forget to allow for Google to reindex them, which in turn causes their site to not have a large reach, and advises one to make sure they allow Google to reindex them when they are launching a new website.


Joseph discusses the stigma against SEO in the corporate world, and how digital marketing typically has to constantly fight to prove that SEO analytics is an essential aspect of digital marketing. He explains that because of this stigma it’s even more important to have data to back up the importance of SEO and creating content for SEO purposes, which is why software like Brightedge is so important to make use of during a digital marketing campaign. Joseph discusses reporting in terms of digital marketing, and how many companies in the modern day want monthly reports on how the SEO is either helping or hurting them. Joseph focuses on telling a story through the data report, and how certain decisions and changes to digital marketing impacted every aspect of the campaign, including page ranking, keyword ranking, etc., as well as any goals met and missed. When creating these content reports, if you create it like a story it explains how through SEO one can find out their audience, what their audience wants, who their competitors are, and what those competitors are doing.


Joseph goes in-depth about websites that link to your site, as well as the sites that you link to on your site. He explains that while it is important to have high-ranking sites link to your site to raise the rank of your own site, it is just as important to figure out what the balance is between all the different types of sites that link to your site. Finding this balance is important so that you can compare what kinds of sites link to you and the kinds of sites link to your competitors, so you can make the changes necessary to successfully compete against your competitors. Joseph continues to discuss technical SEO, and how small errors on your site, such as duplicate data, meta tags, or no schema could be detrimental to the outreach of your site. He goes in-depth on how to make sure the technical aspects of your SEO are as effective and efficient as possible for your website.