Joseph goes in depth on what wise content is, as well as giving examples of how creating wise content allows businesses to gain opportunities to expand and grow. He then gives a bit of current news on Google phasing out the use of third-party cookies over the next couple of years. Joseph also goes in depth on what are the best opportunities to grow your business through search engine optimization (SEO). Joseph then introduces the guest for today’s episode Michał Suski, who is the co-founder of Surfer, a content intelligence tool for SEO and content marketing. Michał goes into his formal education, how he has a degree in forestry, and his journey to getting a job in the digital marketing and SEO industry. Michał explains the inspiration behind Surfer, and how it was originally created for another agency, but with the help of his brother Surfer was able to break out as its own product.


Joseph explains what SEO is exactly, and Michał expands on the definition, as well as how Surfer works with people to improve their SEO ranking. Michał also discusses webinars he has held where he helps people correct the SEO mistakes they have made while creating their websites. Joseph and Michał discuss how it took almost a year after the inception of Surfer for him and the other founders to pivot from working on Surfer past time to full time. The two also discuss the importance of being data-driven, and how Surfer works with picking the brain of the biggest algorithm out there currently, the Google algorithm, reverse engineering the algorithm to best help its clients improve their websites to raise their SEO ranking. Michał explains in depth how Surfer reverse engineers the algorithms to satisfy both their clients and the algorithms.


Joseph and Michał discuss whether or not content still matters in SEO, and Michał brings up the quote “you can not rank a page that does not exist”, which he agrees with. The two discuss the nuances of content, and what content is necessary beyond ranking purposes. Michał discusses what is considered content in SEO terms, and how that has evolved recently since he first began working in SEO. He explains how to link sharing used to be the most important aspect in ranking a website, Google ranking now looks for a more well rounded website. Michał also goes in depth on what Surfer does and the different tools that it offers, and how each of them works. Michał explains how a while Surfer is an incredible tool that people can use, it is not an autopilot service and people will be disappointed if they go into the process expecting the software to do everything for them.


Joseph and Michał discuss how Surfer stands out compared to other similar software in the industry. Joseph makes a point on how Surfer has recently won an award and is one of the top software currently in the industry. Michał explains how the content editor is the feature of Surfer that brings in the most clients, and how that the content editor is one of the most advanced writing assistants available currently. Joseph announces that he and Michał are going to be uploading a demo of Surfer to the Wise Content Creates Wealth YouTube channel.