Podcast Segment


Joseph explains how Benjamin Franklin was one of the first people who used content creation through the Poor Richard’s Almanac in the 18th century, and introduces his guest Kevin Lee, who works on technological solutions to marketing problems. Kevin explains his passion for advertising and his journey to his current position today. Joseph and Kevin discuss Kevin’s experience with coding and how even though he is not a classically trained computer scientist, he is literate enough in code to lead a team of coders through their projects. Kevin also explains his experience in pushing the boundaries of the current technology, and how being a geek is extremely helpful in pushing the boundaries of technology. Joseph and Kevin discuss search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, and the jump from straight SEO to content based SEO. Kevin explains through his experience content is not a one use product for digital marketing, but rather something that should be continually repurposed. Joseph and Kevin discuss how currently, storytelling is another necessity in content creation, and to create successful wise content, there needs to be a balance between SEO and storytelling.


Joseph and Kevin discuss Kevin’s belief that branded content follows the soap opera model, and that branded content comes in many flavors. Kevin explains how pre-rolled branded content is also found in public radio and public television, allowing for the audience to learn quickly who the sponsor is. Kevin also explains that branded content is becoming incredibly popular for digital marketing because of ad blockers online, and branded content through the use of content creators are unskippable advertisements. Joseph and Kevin discuss how services and brands that are typically boring to the general population, using the example of insurance, by putting a focus on storytelling through advertisements the audience is more engaged. The two also discuss the SEO perspective of branded content, and how to best use SEO when creating branded content, to increase the success of the content. That there needs to be a balance between SEO and branded content to create incredibly successful wise content.


Joseph and Kevin discuss how to best use SEO for digital marketing with the launch of a new business, even though it might have some drawbacks without experience, businesses are more successful after making use of digital marketing through SEO. Kevin explains the relationship between PR and SEO, and a brand needs to be careful with who they associate themselves with, so that they are confident with the image of their brand, as there is such a thing as bad PR. Joseph and Kevin discuss how most brands undervalue SEO, and how often they see failure because of the lack of investment they put in SEO. Kevin explains how if a business doesn’t match their competitors in their investments in SEO, their competitors will catch up and pass them. The two discuss the importance of a holistic view of content creation, and with this mindset towards content creation, one can successfully create wise content.


Joseph and Kevin discuss schema’s future in 2021 and whether or not schema will be the tie breaker for many of the brands that make use of SEO for digital marketing through search engine ranking. Kevin discusses cause marketing content, for the use of donations to non-profit organizations. That if he was able to get the right domains, and be able to get celebrities and other prominent figures to donate content he would be able to donate ad revenue to non-profits. Joseph and Kevin discuss current non-profit project Goodbuzz.org, implementing this model he devised through content co-creation.