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Joseph introduces his guest, Brandon Young, a senior consultant of Psynet Group, and tells a story about buying a Rolex watch to introduce his theme of the episode, trust. He explains how many people in digital marketing do not take the time to build a relationship on trust with clients, as they tend to only focus on presenting their product to you. Joseph brings up the E.A.T. technique related to search engine optimization (SEO), which stands for expertise, authority, and trust. While the E. and A. help one’s product rank higher through SEO, the product can not rank at all without trust. Joseph also brings up the trustworthiness of one’s website, gives examples of how to make one’s site trustworthy and how if one’s website is not trustworthy, they will not be able to get as many sales and clients. Joseph discusses the need to not only make your platform trustworthy, but you have to make your content trustworthy as well, as well as giving tips for how to make your content trustworthy.

Joseph and Brandon discuss an article that Brandon wrote recently about trust in the United States, and they discuss the state of trust that is currently in the United States. Brandon discusses a study that was recently released that interviews people about trust across varying institutions in twenty-eight different countries, with businesses receiving only 54% of people having trust in businesses. The two also discuss trust between employers and employees, how that trust is implemented throughout the Covid-19 pandemic throughout businesses. Brandon also explains how as recently as May of 2020, American’s trust in the United States government has plummeted. Joseph and Brandon discuss how trust in a CEO relates to trust in an organization, and how the CEO’s reputation affects someone’s trust in the organization as a whole. Brandon discusses how trust is very localized, and people are often put more trust in their own employers and businesses, rather than outside businesses and other institutes such as government and media. The two explain how trust is important to organizations.

Brandon explains the trust equation his company implements when working with clients who are working with him to vet the trustworthiness of job candidates. He explains how this equation works for both entry level positions, as well as managerial and higher positions. The two discuss trust in the company, not only through the business model, but also through the culture of the company, and without trust in both, the company will not be as successful as it can be. Joseph and Brandon discuss how E.A.T. and Brandon’s trust equation overlap and also contrast. Brandon gives out advice from a behavioral perspective to how to best earn trust through marketing.

Joseph and Brandon discuss the different ways a company or organization can attempt to earn back trust after losing trust in a big way. Brandon explains how before trust can be effectively restored, a company or organization must publicly admit their fault in the event that caused the loss of trust. Brandon brings up the examples of Nike in relation to protests exposing their use of child labor in the 1990s, and in more recent years Chipotle in relation to the outbreak of E. coli, and how both companies publicly stated that their are guilty of the accusations put against them, and how they then rebuilt trust in themselves. Joseph introduces his helpful tool of the day, Link Research Tools.com, that shows which websites link to your website, and helps you detox these bad links that link to your website.

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